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    1. Unique Features: Achieve the perfect aroma with our Deicer For Car’s adaptive fragrance mode. With automatic rotation speed and scent adjustments according to lighting conditions, select either still mode for a well-maintained natural fragrance or accelerate for a stronger, mellow scent.

    2. Enhanced Ice Melt: With unique anti-freeze & snow removal technology, our deicer for cars generates high-energy air molecules that eliminate ice and snow within seconds. No more scraping required, enjoy a stress-free winter morning with a clear windshield inside and outside your vehicle.

    3. Improved Technique: The deicer for the car features an advanced aviation-grade energy-gathering board, which collects and rotates light energy. This technique accelerates ice-melting and fragrance dispersion without the need for a power supply.

    4. Quick Snow Removal: Utilizing electromagnetic energy, our deicer for cars melts ice and snow in seconds upon contact with the car’s surfaces. It efficiently activates molecular movement in the ice and snow, resulting in quick and easy removal.

    5. Widely Used: Excelsior Deicer for Car is the key to removing ice and snow with ease, allowing for safe driving in harsh conditions. Its widespread use is practical for most vehicles affected by ice and snow. Additionally, it features a sleek and stylish design, making it both practical and beautiful.

    This Car Deicer Microwave uses an aviation-grade energy-gathering board to generate a large amount of energy, enabling it to quickly melt ice and snow, ensuring safe driving in harsh winter conditions. Its accelerated mode ensures a mellow fragrance and there are no harmful substances, making it safe for use.

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    Type: car cleaning

    Color: 1pcs

    Material: PLC

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    Deicing device * 1 

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